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White gloss stretch ceiling at clinic waiting room

Optic shop stretch ceiling lightbox

Curved light stretch ceiling at pharmacy

Stretch fabric circle light at private clinic waiting room

This is an amazing panel light/wardrobe sliding door.

Professional stretch ceilings contractors

Serving London and the UK

Innovative wall & ceiling coverings and acoustic treatments

Ceiling Tech represents a contemporary company with a fresh perspective on interior wall and ceiling design. It is operated in collaboration with experienced partners, each boasting two decades of expertise in stretch ceiling systems.

Our specialisation lies in innovative wall and ceiling coverings, as well as acoustic treatments. Stretch ceilings, being sustainable, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and pioneering, serve as a remarkable material for crafting distinctive interior aesthetics and ambiance in both residential settings (such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, hallways, etc.) and commercial establishments (including restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc.).

If you have plans to install a stretch ceiling, we are accomplished installers of a wide range of stretch ceilings, catering to clients across London and throughout the UK. Feel free to contact us today for further details.

Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

What we offer

  • Textile Stretch fabric
  • PVC Stretch ceilings
  • Mirror Stretch film
  • Suspended Light panels made to size
  • Light box
  • Stretch ceilings creative shapes
  • Acoustics system finish
  • Architectural lightning system translucent
  • Printed stretch ceiling
  • Ceilings or walls printed up to 5 metersĀ  wide
Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

Comprehensive & Professional Services

From start to finish, we provide comprehensive stretch ceiling design and fitting services. Our designers can design bespoke stretch ceilings for your hotel or building complex and provide professional installation services. If you want decorative LED lighting to be fitted on the ceiling, we can also take care of that. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

Comprehensive & Professional Services

We offer expert stretch ceiling services for projects of all sizes, from design to installation. Our experienced designers create custom stretch ceiling designs, and we can incorporate decorative LED lighting. Contact us today for your project needs, whether it’s a banquet hall renovation or a commercial complex installation. Our international partnerships ensure a high standard of service. We’re experienced in projects of all sizes, so call us today

Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

Lighting for Stretch Ceilings

Our company now offers LED strip lighting solutions known for their energy efficiency, extended lifespan, and exceptional lighting quality. We provide a warranty of up to 5 years, and we possess the capability to implement wireless management and color-changing systems for all your lighting needs.

What is a Stretch Ceiling?

The system consists of two main components: a perimeter track and a lightweight fabric membrane. Each ceiling is custom-manufactured from rolled materials to match the specific height and shape of the ceiling.

In addition to ceilings, this system can be applied for various purposes, including wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions, and the creation of creative 3D shapes, domes, and vaults. The material’s properties allow for multiple ceiling removals and re-installations to provide access as needed.

The incorporation of various light fixtures, grilles, and fixing points is achieved through the use of our proprietary background support system.

The system offers excellent light transmittance, making it suitable for light diffusion, backlighting with LED strips and fiber optics, as well as projection. It is entirely waterproof, washable, and impermeable to vapor, making it ideal for areas with high humidity, such as above pools and spas.

The surface of the system can accommodate any printed image or graphic and can also be painted. It can be designed to provide sound absorption and control without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the project.

Sliding panel light over the wardrobe in a private apartment

Our Range of Materials

  • Stretch ceilings gloss finish
  • Stretch mirror film
  • Stretch ceilings Matt finish
  • 3D construction
  • Stretch ceilings creative shapes
  • Acoustics system finish
  • Translucent architectural lightning system
  • Printed stretch ceiling
  • 3D printed visual effects for ceilings or walls.
Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

Why Choose Us

  • Qualified team of professionals
  • Unmatchable interior designing ideas
  • Prompt installation of material
  • Superior quality, custom stretch ceiling designs and textures
  • High-end stretch ceiling installation
  • Diversified range of ceiling expertise
  • Attractive light fixtures
  • Luxuriously manufactured ceiling to look perfect with your decorated ceiling
Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

The Benefits of Straight Ceiling

  • Exclusive, innovative ceilings and walls
  • Lifelike image quality and designs
  • High quality and functionality
  • A complete makeover for your home or commercial space
Large circle light over reception in private cosmetic surgery clinic

Give Your Space A Refresh

If you’re looking to make your showroom distinct and set it apart from the competition, reach out to us. We collaborate with builders and serve both commercial and residential clients to eliminate monotony and infuse a fresh aesthetic into their spaces. Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are thoroughly pleased with the exceptional quality of our work and services.

Modern stretch ceilings in London

At Ceiling Tech, we specialise in crafting one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional ceilings that provide your home or showroom with an exclusive appearance. Whether you prefer nature-inspired images or contemporary abstract designs for your ceilings, reach out to our experts to discuss your preferences. We utilise state-of-the-art printers and modern technology to create high-resolution images of the highest quality. Our premium colours and finishing guarantee the durability of your ceilings and wall coverings. Additionally, we offer the option to install decorative lighting for various colour effects. Contact us today to explore our range of services in more detail.

Don’t miss out on transforming your space with Ceiling Tech’s innovative designs and high-quality solutions. Contact us today to bring your vision to life