Sky printed in swimming pool

White gloss stretch ceiling at clinic waiting room

Optic shop stretch ceiling lightbox

Curved light stretch ceiling at pharmacy

Stretch fabric circle light at private clinic waiting room

This is an amazing panel light/wardrobe sliding door.

Printed stretch ceilings & walls

Based in West London and available nationwide

Stretch Ceiling & Walls Printed for any space

Whether you choose from our image collection or provide your own, we have the ability to craft a customised ambiance tailored to any business or living space. Additionally, we offer printed panel lights, lightboxes, and banner displays integrated with LED technology. With our high-resolution printing capabilities, we can transform spaces like meeting rooms, hotels, pools, spas, offices, and more. Our PVC stretch fabric can be printed up to 50m2, depending on the shape and area of the space.

4 meters diameter circle light over the reception in London office

Printable material options

  • Translucent PVC fabric
  • Translucent textile fabric
  • Blackout textile fabric
  • Canvas fabric (for exterior environment)
  • Gloss PVC stretch fabric
  • Mat PVC stretch fabric
Printed circle light

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