Sky printed in swimming pool

White gloss stretch ceiling at clinic waiting room

Optic shop stretch ceiling lightbox

Curved light stretch ceiling at pharmacy

Stretch fabric circle light at private clinic waiting room

This is an amazing panel light/wardrobe sliding door.

Modern stretched ceilings in London

Installing across London and nationwide

Reliable installers of contemporary stretch ceilings in the UK

If you’re considering installing a stylish stretch ceiling for your hotel’s dining area or reception, reach out to us at Ceiling Tech. Our experts will engage in a detailed discussion of your requirements to offer a tailored solution. We utilize premium fabric materials and a wide range of colors to achieve the exact look you desire. Choose from various finishes, including matt, glossy, translucent, satin, and metal. Our top-quality products are built to last and maintain their pristine condition for many years. Contact us today to speak with one of our team members.

Printed stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling printing offers the ideal solution for producing large-scale prints on various materials such as transparent foils, matt foils, satin foils, and more.

The robustness and versatility of this system enable you to flawlessly showcase and highlight your chosen photographs, logos, or personal designs. A carefully selected image not only reflects the essence of the surrounding space but also imparts a unique character to the ceiling itself

LED strip lighting

In addition, our company offers LED strip lighting solutions known for their energy efficiency, durability, and outstanding lighting performance. We provide a warranty of up to 5 years, and we can implement wireless management and color-changing systems to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to start a discussion about your requirements.

Stretch mirror film

Thanks to an exclusive manufacturing technique, Like Mirror crafts expansive mirrors with a frame-stretched film, measuring up to 2.80 m by 12 m. These mirrors are notably lighter than conventional glass ones.

Our bespoke mirrors offer exceptional optical clarity, reflecting images without any interference or distortion. Several customisation options are at your disposal:

  • Incorporate mirror perforations for integrated spotlights.
  • Fashion mirror contours in unique 2D designs.
  • Select from silver, one-way, or colored mirrors.
  • Integrate holograms using a transparent film as desired.


3D Stretch Ceilings

At Ceiling Tech, we create and install distinctive 3-dimensional ceilings that lend your home or showroom an exclusive ambiance. Whether you prefer nature-inspired imagery or contemporary abstract designs for your ceilings, reach out to our experts to explore your ideas. We employ top-notch printers and cutting-edge technology to produce high-resolution, premium images. Our top-quality colors and finishes guarantee the longevity of your ceilings and wall coverings. Additionally, we offer the option to install decorative lighting for various color effects. Contact us to discover more about our services.

Textile Stretch Fabric

Our textile fabric solutions offer versatile options for integrating lighting into ceilings and walls. Choose from Translucent covers with three transparency levels (30%, 50%, and 70%) or Acoustic Translucent covers for enhanced acoustics. Custom printing is available for all. When paired with a light source, these covers become ideal design elements for various applications. Our backlit fabric textile, a soft, polyester woven material designed for inkjet printing, offers excellent light diffusion. It’s suitable for lightboxes, frame displays, and point-of-sale setups, gaining popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to PVC plastics.

To talk about installing stretch ceilings in your commercial space in London, contact Ceiling Tech