Sky printed in swimming pool

White gloss stretch ceiling at clinic waiting room

Optic shop stretch ceiling lightbox

Curved light stretch ceiling at pharmacy

Stretch fabric circle light at private clinic waiting room

This is an amazing panel light/wardrobe sliding door.

Stretch mirror film

In London and the UK

Stretch mirror film for ceilings and walls

Utilising a patented manufacturing method, we produce oversized mirrors with a frame-stretched film, measuring up to 2.80 m by 12 m, significantly lighter than conventional glass mirrors.

4 meters diameter circle light over the reception in London office

Made to measure mirrors

Featuring outstanding optical clarity, our custom-made mirrors provide distortion-free image reflection. We offer several options, including:

  • Mirror perforations for integrated spotlights.
  • Original 2D mirror contours.
  • Silver, one-way, or colored mirrors.
  • The inclusion of holograms using transparent film.
Printed circle light

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