Sky printed in swimming pool

White gloss stretch ceiling at clinic waiting room

Optic shop stretch ceiling lightbox

Curved light stretch ceiling at pharmacy

Stretch fabric circle light at private clinic waiting room

This is an amazing panel light/wardrobe sliding door.

Textile Stretch Fabric

Designed in London, fitted nationwide

Creative solutions for lighting & acoustics in walls and ceilings

Translucent Textile Stretch Fabric

Textile fabric offers solutions for integrating lighting into ceilings and walls. You can create a distinct design feature using our Translucent covers, which come in three transparency levels: 30%, 50%, and 70%. Alternatively, enhance your design with Acoustic Translucent covers, which also offer excellent acoustic properties. All variations are customizable with your own prints. When you add a light source behind the cover, it becomes a perfect design element suitable for both small and large-scale applications.

Lighting is essential for appreciating beauty as it creates ambiance and improves the overall usability of spaces. Backlit fabric textiles are crafted from a fine and soft polyester woven fabric, specially coated for inkjet printing. With a bright white surface and exceptional print quality, textile pearl backlit fabric diffuses light superbly in various types of light boxes. This versatile fabric finds applications in a wide range of settings, including light boxes, frame display systems, and point-of-sale displays. Designed to remain flat, soft, and crease-free while offering brilliant illumination, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative to PVC plastics.

Acoustics Textile Fabric:

Ceiling Tech offers a range of Acoustic Textile Fabrics meticulously selected and tested to deliver optimal acoustic solutions for acoustic wall treatments, acoustic panels, and acoustic ceiling finishes. These fabrics are chosen to ensure top-notch acoustic performance.

Acoustic treatments find applications in various commercial spaces, enhancing the overall work environment. Additionally, they can be employed to improve office privacy and create inviting event spaces with excellent sound quality.

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